Advanced Viper Mk II

Advanced Viper Mk II Systems


4 Light
Hull 2 Light
Engine 5 Light
Computer 2 Light
Hull Points 585
Hull Recovery 4.5/sec
Durability 9,000
Armor 5
Critical Defense 80
Avoidance 510
Turning Rate 50
Torque 55
Acceleration 12
Flank Speed 55
Boost Speed 80
Boost Cost 0.5/sec
FTL Range 4.5 LY
FTL Charge 15 sec
FTL Cost 24/LY
Power 100
Power Recharge 5/sec
Firewall Rating 100
Emitter Rating 100
DRADIS Range 2,000m

The Advanced Viper Mk II is a modified variant of the standard Viper Mk II. It is often compared to the Advanced Raider of the Cylon faction which has a near-equivalent layout and systems setup.

You can purchase the Viper Mk II for 30,000 Cubits. You must have the standard Viper Mk II before you can advance it. This ship can be advanced at Delta Canopis by seeing SCPO Chief Galen Tyrol. You must be at least Level 1 to advance this ship.

Official DescriptionEdit

"A standard Viper Mk II that has been stripped, rebuild and highly tuned under the supervision of Chief Tyrol. Lightweight modern composites strenghten the hull, while customized engine management and fire control components push performance to the limit.

The Advanced Viper's hull is stronger and more durable than the standard version, and it can mount additional weapon and engines systems." - SCPO Galen Tyrol


The Advanced Viper Mk II is an Interceptor Strike, meaning that it has more engine power than hull or computers. It can reach higher-than-normal speeds with Light Turbo Boosters or it can be an invulnerable monster with Light RCS Ductings. Setups vary greatly with this ship as there are many different ways of going about taking on other Strikes. Where it lacks Hull Points and Firewall ratings, it makes up for speed and firepower. Being an Advanced Strike, it is more balanced than the standard Viper Mk II with its addition of 1 Weapon and 1 Engine system slots. At one point the Advanced Viper Mk II was the most used strike in the game, until the Viper Mk VII was released.

Pre-Installed SystemsEdit

  • MEC-A6 "Fang" Light Autocannon x 2