Viper Mk II

Viper Mk II Systems


3 Light
Hull 2 Light
Engine 4 Light
Computer 2 Light
Hull Points 450
Hull Recovery 2.5/sec
Durability 4,500
Armor 5
Critical Defense 80
Avoidance 510
Turning Rate 50
Torque 55
Acceleration 12
Flank Speed 55
Boost Speed 80
Boost Cost 0.5/sec
FTL Range 4.5 LY
FTL Charge 15 sec
FTL Cost 24/LY
Power 100
Power Recharge 5/sec
Firewall Rating 100
Emitter Rating 100
DRADIS Range 2,000m

The Viper Mk II is one of two ships you can choose to recieve upon first starting as a Colonial player. It is the standard ship of the Colonial fleet and is commonly used for strike-to-strike combat only. It is often compared to the Raider of the Cylon faction which has a near-equivalent layout and systems setup.

You can purchase the Viper Mk II for 100,000 Tylium and Advance it for 30,000 Cubits. This ship can be purchased at Delta Canopis by seeing SCPO Chief Galen Tyrol. You must be at least Level 1 to purchase this ship.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Although designed over 40 years ago, the Viper Mk II remains an outstanding interceptor and space superiority fighter that's proved more than capable of matching the Cylon Raider in speed, agility, and firepower. Recently, several of the fleet's Vipers have been rigged with small FTL drives to allow long-range operations.

As an interceptor, the Viper Mk II can be equipped with more engine system than other strike craft, increasing its already impressive performance." - SCPO Galen Tyrol


The Viper Mk II is an Interceptor Strike, meaning that it has more engine power than hull or computers. It can reach higher-than-normal speeds with Light Turbo Boosters or it can be an invulnerable monster with Light RCS Ductings. Setups vary greatly with this ship as there are many different ways of going about taking on other Strikes. Where it lacks Hull Points and Firewall ratings, it makes up for speed and firepower. At one point the Viper Mk II was the most used ship in the game, until the Viper Mk VII was released.

Pre-Installed SystemsEdit

  • Autopilot Module (in missions only)
  • Mineral Analysis Array (in missions only)
  • MEC-A6 "Fang" Light Autocannon


  • Advanced Viper Mk II