Viper Mk VII

Viper Mk VII Systems


4 Light
Hull 3 Light
Engine 3 Light
Computer 3 Light
Hull Points 585
Hull Recovery 4.5/sec
Durability 9,000
Armor 5
Critical Defense 80
Avoidance 510
Turning Rate 50
Torque 55
Acceleration 12
Flank Speed 55
Boost Speed 85
Boost Cost 0.75/sec
FTL Range 4.5 LY
FTL Charge 15 sec
FTL Cost 36/LY
Power 150
Power Recharge 5/sec
Firewall Rating 100
Emitter Rating 100
DRADIS Range 2,000m

The Viper Mk VII is one of the strikes that you can purchase after beginning as a Colonial player. It was the modern strike fighter of the Colonial fleet that was mostly seen defending the Pegasus. It is often compared to the Cylon War Raider of the Cylon faction which has a near-equivalent layout and systems setup.

You can purchase the Viper Mk VII for 45,000 Cubits and Advance it for 30,000 Merits. This ship can be purchased at Delta Canopis by seeing SCPO Chief Galen Tyrol. You must be at least Level 1 to purchase this ship.

Official DescriptionEdit

"The modern version of the Viper is a sleek and deadly space superiority fighter that easily matches the proformance of previous designs, while offering greater tactical flexibility. However, the Mk VII's reliance on the latest technology makes it more vulnerable to electronic warfare than the older Mk II, and more expensive to maintain and run.

As a Multi-role fighter, the Viper Mk VII can be equipped with a more balanced selection of Hull, Engine, and Computer systems than other strike craft." - SCPO Galen Tyrol


The Viper Mk VII is a Multi-role Strike, meaning that it is balanced in Hull, Computers, and Engines. Setups vary extremely as different setups serve very different purposes. The Viper Mk VII is commonly regarded as the most used and well-rounded ship of the entire Colonial fleet. It has no major flaws in its design.

Pre-Installed SystemsEdit

  • HD-70 "Lightning" Light Missile Launcher


  • Advanced Viper Mk VII


It is said in the Viper Mk VII's official description that it is more vulnerable to electronic warfare than the Viper Mk II is. When statistically compared, the Mk II and Mk VII have the same Firewall and Emitter Ratings at 100 each, making that statement false.

Viper Mk II players also dislike the Mk VII's base boost speed because it is 5 m/s faster than the Mk II, which is the Inteceptor strike. Technically, the Interceptors are supposed to fly as fast, if not faster, than all other ships of its class. The Viper Mk VII is the only Multi-role ship to boost faster than its fellow Interceptor.